Wunderkammer book
A presentation of images and photographs from "Wunderkammer" - a private collection of Magdalena Frankowska (Fontarte). The artist assembled a virtual collection of images of people and animals, hybrids, mysterious creatures, articles and objects, creating a contemporary personal cabinet of curiosities.
It is the author's choice, with a non-obvious common denominator, a private museum of aesthetic curiosities. Unlike the first Renaissance Wunderkammern, this collection is a digital recording. Especially for the needs of the exhibition it was moved into the space of Czarny Neseser Gallery in Wrocław. (25 November 2011-14 January 2012)

11 × 15 cm, 80 pages
digital print, silkscreen, soft cover
ISBN: 978-83-934344-1-1
edition: 120
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