Enfant Terrible
An identity of the exhibition "Enfant terrible. La nouvelle affiche polonaise" .
The exhibition "Enfant terrible. La nouvelle affiche polonaise" is the result of an artistic selection process of several dozen posters recently created by Polish graphic artists of a certain age as well as those from the up-and-coming generation; the connection between these posters and "The Polish Poster School" is ambivalent, even openly indifferent. Very different from a stylistic point of view, these pieces of work are inspired both by the classics of the genre and contemporary graphic trends. Their authors use the vector image, industrial graphic methods, photography and painting techniques in a highly interesting way. What the exhibited works have in common is their freedom of expression, the way they deal with their subject matter in a brave and intelligent manner and the search for innovative and original graphic solutions.
Design of a catalogue and poster: Fontarte with the cooperation of Ania Goszczyńska
Website design : Fontarte
Curators: Fontarte & Zofia Machnicka
Polish Institute - Cultural Service of the Polish Embassy in Brussels,
Centre for Fine Arts Brussels - BOZAR (in the framework of DESIGN SEPTEMBER), 2013