Future Perfect - exhibition
The exhibition by designers Magdalena Frankowska and Artur Frankowski from the Fontarte duo showcased their designs which refer to futuristic past, but also anticipate their own designing in the future. That is why the exhibition featured works by Fontarte that belong to the still open and developed Designs from the Future series, as well as typographic designs, including typefaces that invoke some courageous and still expressively modern ideas from the times of avant-garde and modernism. Future Perfect focused on selected aspects of design, such as creating typefaces, posters, as well as design-art projects. The open formula of the exhibition, which had featured meetings, as well as ephemeral and conceptual activities, was an attempt to challenge the traditional form of a graphic design exhibition.
Curated by Katarzyna Roj
The BWA Design Gallery in Wrocław, 25.11.2011 - 21.01.2012